Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Alli's Graduation :: 2022


Alli graduated in May of this year!  I am so proud of her!  We had a graduation party at Chicken N Pickle and it was so much fun!  All the family showed up and lots of friends!  We ate, socialized and played some pickleball.

Next year, she plans on doing her prerequisites for the Dental Hygienist
 program at Johnson County Community College.  After the spring semester, she can apply and take all the required testing to get into the program.  She already has a few of her classes done: Comp I and Comp 2 as well as Physics.  

My friend created her Senior Ad since the school messed up on it.  The yearbook sponsor forgot to have Alli's ad made, which now I see as a good thing after seeing the ads that were created for other Seniors.  

The morning of graduation, there was a huge storm.  Trees fell down and it was a disaster.  Our riser pipe for our electricity was bent and our house was only receiving about 20% of the electricity needed.  The only rooms in our house with electricity were my bedroom and the kitchen.  Alli had to get ready with minimal light, but it worked!  We did have electricity by the time we got home from dinner.  And the riser pipe is fixed.

Here are some pictures from Chicken N Pickle!


  1. Congrats! I have a rising senior here!

  2. Congrats to your daughter! I love her party afterward! Those cupcakes were so cute and very catchy name of the restaurant . I would have to eat there if ever if your area. I like names like that :)


  3. Have never heard of Chicken and Pickle but I love that idea. I had just started playing pickleball when Covid started. The place where I played had to close and has not reopened. Would love to try to place again.

    Your graduate is precious. It's great that the yearbook staff omitted Alli's ad and your friend created an even better one for her. Probably much more personal, too, because it was done by someone who truly cared.