Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 7th

It was so foggy this morning.  There really are building up there.
Yep,  Building haz.

We worked on our First Aid Badge tonight.
I'm not thrilled, as you all know, with a lot of the Girl Scout badges.
So, I pretty much tailor it to what my girls like and want to do.
They love art.

The third step for the First Aid Badge is still a work in progress.
They started on a First Aid booklet of Common Injuries and Illnesses during Camping.
I'll put it up on the blog when it's done.
They are all perfectionists, so each of them only got two of the four for their groups done.
I am okay with that.

The fourth step is to know the signs of shock and how to treat it.
There's the video for that.
They put their spin on the video, but they get it.

For fifth step, we did our little injury game using our Common Outdoor Injuries.
Each girl was injured and another girl had to treat them.

They passed.

We still have to do the first two steps.  We will finish that in January.
We are partying for our last meeting in December.
Working on our First Aid Booklets
Practicing the First Aid.  I'm sure that was a broken leg.

One of the girls made me a Pomander.  One of my favorite holiday crafts.

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