Tuesday, May 24, 2016

travels: Gateway Arch

One of the things the girls really wanted to do on our trip was visit the St. Louis Arch.  The Arch was under construction (not the Arch itself but other things) for a long time.  It's still under construction, but the Journey to the Top started again.  The sell out on the weekends.  I called and reserved our passes over the phone.  Girl Scout Troops get a special rate for the adults and you can only get it by calling in or buying at the ticket desk (I will warn you against the latter for the previously stated reasons)

The ticket office is currently located in the Old Courthouse (which is amazing inside, I wish we had more time to explore)  Customer service is most excellent both on the phone and in the visitors center.  Parking is easy to find.

The girls did the Junior Ranger pamphlet and got a little something something for it.

The Journey to the Top was very worth it, the views are amazing. 
If you go to St. Louis, visit the Arch and go to the top.  It's not overrated like a few say on review sites.  It's definitely worth it to do it once.

St. Louis Arch

approaching the Arch.
Nikki getting awesome pictures.
Hanging out at the bottom.
It really couldn't have been a more perfect day.
Everyone needs this Arch Fun Pic!
All of us.
The door is super short.  Duck!
The girls got their own.
In the capsule thing, hoping no one vomits on me.
Alli at the top.
That's St. Louis
That is straight down from the top of the Arch.  Lots of construction going on.
Busch Stadium while the game was going on.
Shadow of the Arch.  What time was it?
The Mississippi River and Illinois.  Every time I say Illinois, I want to say Illini with it. 

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