Friday, May 27, 2016

travels: St. Louis Zoo

Out last St. Louis adventure was to the zoo.  The zoo is free to get in.  The attractions though, do cost.  We got the Adventure passes online for $11.95, which saved us some money.

The girls visited every part of the zoo.  We went to the Sea Lion show, the 4D theater, the carousel, the petting zoo and the Stingray petting area using the adventure passes.  We ate lunch there and had giant ice cream cones.

If you have time for a zoo, stop here.  It's worth a few hours or more.
The girls at breakfast.  They were exhausted but up and ready for adventure.
The bear
Poop eating fish.
Interesting facts about Hippos.  You can't see this but there are fish
all around it's bottom area.  They are there because
when the hippo poops, it fans its poop everyone and those
fish eat the poop and the poop off the hippos body.
Alli watching the hyenas
Miniature Mongoose!
Brave girls petting a cobra.  Kinda cray cray!
Sea Lion Show Popsicles
She told a pretty horrible joke at San Jose...
Petting the stingrays.  It was pretty darn awesome.  They are
very loveable.  They feel rubbery and soft.
What is wrong with the llama?!?
Llama just needed Alli
The girls kept getting in trouble on the Carousel. 
This was built for the St. Louis World Fair in 1904.  It now houses birds.
Birds that poop everywhere.
These things were kinda gross,.

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