Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Peytons pants were huge.  He was suppose to get a youth small, he got a youth large...
they ordered the wrong size.

"They just want me to hold up my pants while I run"
Peyton in his huge pants.
This is what sisters do at baseball games.
Peyton's is messing with his hat.
Peyton's first hit.  It landed only two feet away from him, but he ran and made it the first.
The kids on the other team did not know what to do.
They just stared at the ball, pretty hilarious.
Peyton on 1st.  He got one base with an awesome hit after he fouled straight back twice. 
He batted two runners in.
The next hit, he made it to second and they over threw the ball and he ended up scoring.
He knows the game.
I'm super proud of him at his first game, ever.
I ended my evening at the Northland Encampment Dinner at Smokehouse BBQ.  Ally saved me some food since I would be later due to baseball.  She gave nice speeches for everyone.

Guys!  I'm a good story teller!  I actually have a lot of fun telling them.  Some of them have to be told in person though.  Maybe that's why the blog is so hard sometimes, I don't feel like I get my emotion behind the post.

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