Thursday, July 7, 2016



I don’t use that word very often.

I have been bored lately though.

I’m not sure why.

It’s not like I have nothing to do, places to be, people to shuttle around.

This summer has been boring.

It wasn’t what I expected but I am trying to make the most out of it.

Maybe July will turn the summer around and the things will be better.

We already did exciting things on the first weekend of the month.  (I’ll eventually get those posts up, they are sitting there, all sad in draft status)

I think it was because last summer was so magical, I’m being punished for that.

You would think I would talk about how bored the kids are.  They aren’t bored though.  It’s me.


  1. I haven't had the time to be bored but it's been hot, really hot for the mountains. Pregnant and hot are two words that don't need to go together. I wish I had some helpful tips on what you could do to spice up your summer, but I've got nothing. Came over from participating in the MamaKats WC. Hope you have a great day!

  2. Sometimes we experience a "let down" after an exciting trip or adventure, a holiday, or a magical summer as you put it. I have them, too. When I find myself in that state I start digging into a project that I have wanted to do, usually something that requires a creative application, and pretty soon I'm in the middle of something exciting again. But I have to admit, the older I get the more I like those "down times". Reading, resting, pondering, relaxing. just doing nothing. Oh... it feels so good! I hope your summer turns around and you have busy, exciting days ahead.

  3. Maybe it's good to be bored? You'll appreciate the times when you aren't? Maybe.

  4. Sounds like a chance to recharge and renew. Those don't come around very often in moms' lives.