Saturday, July 2, 2016

travels::The Fugitive Beach

Guys, it rained the whole way there.  All the way from Kansas City to Rolla.  We came anyway.  Because here's the thing, you can swim in the rain, it won't hurt you.  No thunder or lightening and you are good to go.  Otherwise, the beach would have been closed.

From Kansas City to Fugitive Beach, you take I-70 east to Columbia.
After Columbia, you head southeast to Jefferson City taking MO 87 South.
Once you hit Jeffs City you head east of US 50 to Rolla.
In Rolla, you turn on US-63 S and it's about 8 miles down the road.

And guess what?!?  It's worth the drive!

It was raining, so it wasn't crowded.
We found a place.  Put our stuff down.
(I brought about 10 towels, left half of them in the car)
The kids headed straight for the 15 foot cliff jump.
It was scary.
Super scary.
But I did it!
The kids all did it, a lot.

Alli jumping off the 15 foot cliff.
This is the one I jumped off also...once....
The slide was so freaking fast!
Definitely plug your nose!
The 20 foot cliff jump!
The panda decided it wanted all of the warmest blankets ever.
Steak N Shake for dinner.  The boys gave me their cherries.
The older two were passed out when I got out of the shower.

Peyton wanted to go to the pool.
It was great people watching.
I did crossword puzzles and had to hold the book up to my face a few times to keep from laughing.

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