Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy Fourth of July!

I invited family over.

I made food.

We ate.

We set off fire works.

It was fun.

My lighting in my front room kinda sucked for the picture.
The little lights were pretty awesome.
Target $3
Our fire works haul.
My sister said she would pick up a pack.
They definitely picked up a pack.
I was putting food on my baking stone and it shattered.
Has this ever happened to anyone before?
I love this thing.  It was perfect.  Does Pampered Chef replace them?
Peyton roasting some hot dogs.
He started the fire all by himself.
Our menu included:
Regular Hot Dogs
Pigs in a Blanket (my fav)
Mac and Cheese
Potatoes with bacon, garlic, ranch and cheddar baked.
Corn with parm cheese, ranch, garlic and butter.
Chips and Dip
and S'more for dessert!
Watching Jaws.
I need to talk about my fear of sharks sometime.
Chasing parachutes
Throwing poppers at me.
Funniest firework ever!
I fixed the fence neighbor.  Fixed it.
Alli's friends family owns a couple of fireworks tents.
This is where we obtained our fireworks and they
asked Alli to come out with them after they closed.
They shoot off all the fireworks they didn't sell
and some they have saved for themselves.
Alli had a blast.

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