Saturday, July 2, 2016

Sulfur Hexafluoride

I'm really struggling with the last part of this chemistry class.  I get the stuff.  There is just a lot of things.  The thing is...this isn't my last chem class.  I have another one after this.  I know I will be fine, but still.  I just want it over with so I can focus on the Biological Sciences. 
I got to take care of these two cute fluff balls for a week.  \
They were so happy to see me whenever I dropped by.
Cici's Pizza is the worse.  For real.  Peyton's baseball team
had their end of the year party here.
The kids didn't even eat that much.
Off on our adventure we go.  According the background, we are still in my driveway.
Alli passed out around the middle of nowhere on I-70
This is what it looked like the whole time we were driving.
The great capital of Missouri -- Jefferson City.
This is where all the decisions are made.
I wish they would make a decision to give me a raise.
Just an idea...

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