Friday, March 16, 2018

Happy Fri-yay!

Photo by KC Derby Digest
Happy Friday! 
We made it!  Good job everyone.

Last week, we found out the official day that our office is closing.  None of us want to leave this office and be relocated.  Relocation is to our downtown office.  That's where I was before I was at my current location.  My work friend (real friend also, but that's where we met) is there but she is retiring at the end of March.  That does not do me any good, since I won't be there until April 27th.

I get two new teammates on my Vixens team tonight.  We already have a large number of players....

This weekend, I am playing with the Zombie League for Fountain City.  This is a group of beginning skaters and they sprinkle trainers in to assist them.  We are playing a team up in Atchison, Kansas.  What is Atchison famous for? 

Monday night I went to a Mary Kay training.  Yes, I sell Mary Kay, but mostly I just like the friendships and discount.  During the training, we talked about living in a microwave world.  Everyone wants things done NOW! 
I find this true in my job.  Everyone wants their things completed as soon as they turn them in.  They want their food stamps, cash and medical and they want it NOW!
I explained multiple times a day time that we do not work like that.  As long as items are completed by the due date, we are in compliance with the state and federal government. 

How can we stop living in a microwave world?  Do we/you expect things to get done right away?
How does it make you feel when you have to wait for something? 
I'm a patient person, but if I need something done and I can do it myself, I get it done as soon as I can.

Happy Friday and enjoy the Chin Chin :)
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  1. We do live in a microwave world, I see it especially with kids who never knew about having to wait for a lot of things.
    Good luck with the relocation. I have a friend who sells Mary Kay. I'd buy from her, but I'm too lazy for makeup :P