Friday, March 23, 2018


I recently signed up for Postcrossing.
It's a website where you can sign up to send and receive postcards.
You must send a card to receive a postcard, which I think is great.
You can have up to five postcards traveling at a time.
I have postcards traveling to: Germany, France, Russia, Portugal and the Czech Republic.
I am excited to see what I receive back once my name gets put into the rotation. 
The person that runs Postcrossing loves stats, so they are constantly scrolling on the main page.
One person in has sent over 24K in postcards! 
Thank goodness postcards are cheap!  It's less than a dollar to send, but still....24K is a lot of dollars.

Do you like to send/receive postcards?
Do you have any actual snail mail pen pals?

1 comment:

  1. Omigosh, this sounds so cool! Let us know what you get.
    I love email, but I do miss getting personal notes and postcards in snail mail. Might have to sign up for postcrossing.