Thursday, March 8, 2018

writer’s workshop: how our pet became our pet

How Peanut became ours…..
Way back when my children went to daycare……
The provider got a dog….
The dog was always on a rope in her back yard……
I always stopped and talked and petted and played with the dog….
The provider thought the dog to be annoying…..
The provider started talking about taking the dog to the shelter…..
I asked if I could take the dog….
The dog was so sweet and fun and loveable…..
How could anyone think this dog was annoying…….
The dog came home with us and became our little Peanut….
With us, she wasn’t tied to rope outside…she had lots of beds to sleep in, blankets to cuddle under and people to love on her…..
She was one spoiled pup….
She had her pink tote bag that she would just jump in for fun…..
She greeted us all at the door with nails clicking on the hard wood floor…..
She wagged her tail and jumped to greet us…..
She loved sharing chicken nuggets with her best cat friend….
She thought bath tub water was better than kitchen water and would jump into the bathtub as soon as anyone went in there…..
Her fluffy and soft little ears would always be ready for some love…..
Peanut became old…..
Fourteen years old……
We had her for ten of those years…..
Peanut became sick….
We took her to the vet…..
She had a bad infection only to be cured by surgery….
Surgery she only had a 20% chance of survival and would put her in a lot of pain….
She was fourteen and we know we gave her ten good years….
We miss our Peanut…..
She fit into our annoying little family perfectly....


  1. Having an animal put to sleep is never easy. You know it's time, and yet you just can't. It's like having a kid put to sleep. Just remember, you gave Peanut a good life and wherever she is, she brought the love you gave her there.

  2. Oh Peanut was SO darling! I love that you provided a wonderful life for her instead of being chained up forever in a yard. Just imagine what her life would have been if you had not come along!

  3. Such a cute doggie. Animals are a relationship. I think people who tie them up outside all the time ought to have that done to them to see how they like it.

  4. Aww. So sad. I'm glad you were able to give Peanut a good home and lots of fun during his ten years with you!