Wednesday, December 5, 2018

It's Wednesday!

I feel like I’ve faded away or disappeared from my life on the interwebs.  I have no explanation why.  I feel like it’s time to get back into things. 
It’s December!  Yay! We’ve almost made it to the end of the year!  Did you accomplish everything you had hoped for?
The Governor of Missouri gave the state employees Christmas Eve off.  I am going to have a five day weekend.  I took the day after Christmas off also.  I wanted to spend time with the Fam. 
My family already has a lot of things.  We only buy presents for one person.  We do an adult name exchange and a children’s name exchange.  I have my Brother In Law’s name this year.  I’ve already purchased the gifts he had asked for and he still has more money on his limit.  He hasn’t given me many ideas…with good reason…he’s currently serving as an Army Medic in Syria. I’ve purchased all the children’s exchange gifts.  My nieces went through the Target ad and made it super simple. I only purchase my children one gift each.  Why should people go into debt to show love?  The holidays are about spending time with one another….not showing how much money you can spend.
This coming weekend, I plan on getting a live Christmas tree.  I love decorating for the holiday.  It brings me joy.  I have my mantel decorated already.  I don’t want a huge tree.  Just a small one.
I am participating in a “Holiday Heroes” gift exchange at work.  We leave small presents for one of our coworkers during the week before Christmas and on that Friday we do a reveal of who we are.  My person made it super easy with specific things she likes.
What do you like to do for the holidays? 
(I think part of my reason for the halt on blogging is that I am having a difficult time getting pictures on the blog anymore.  I used to just post them from my phone, but the emails having been posting for a while.  Dumb.)


  1. Hey! Welcome back and Happy December! It looks very wintry and festive around here.
    I like your simple gift giving. I agree, it shouldn't be about debt and "stuff". As my kids have gotten older, they're tough to buy for. I have no idea yet what to get any of them.
    We always get a live tree - roots and all. They're tiny, but we plant them in the yard after Christmas and watch them grow.

    1. That's what I want! A live tree to keep being alive!