Friday, July 26, 2019

Happy Friday! What are you happy about?!

Happy Friday everyone!
I’m going to try a linkup again!  I haven’t done one for a bit, but hey, when is a better time to jump in?!
It was a busy week!
Last Saturday, one of my derbies teams, won the trophy for the league.  We went from last place to first place in two games.  How amazing is that?  I will blog about it soon!  Still waiting for a few pictures to come out.

Sunday, I met up with my teammates from another team and we watched game footage and ate snacks and talked about our plan of attack for the upcoming Saturday.  We had an amazing and fun team practice on Monday.  Our team is looking good!
Tuesday and Wednesday, I had meetings to attend after work.  They were all productive.  Thank goodness!  I like checking things off a list.  I am taking over as the Operations Officer at Kansas City Roller Warriors.  That means I oversee Bout Production and Practice Committee. 
Thursday!  We did an early Birthday celebration for Tanner.  20 years old!  Can you believe that? 
Work has been busy and slightly frustrating, but I did my monthly review and it was golden.  I am hoping a promotional opportunity comes up soon.  I’ve been scooping them all out, trying to find the perfect one that sings to me.  I coordinated our birthday celebrations.  It was a success.  My manager had an ice cream party for us, celebrating appreciation month.  The division is also giving us free T-Shirts. 
I made a budget that will have all my debt paid off in 18 months.  This includes my car loan.  It’s a reasonable plan and gets me out of debt faster than anticipated.  I hate living under debt and I want to be done with it once and for all.  After that is all paid off, I will make double payments on my house.  I am not counting my student loans in this since I am a government employee and there is the Public Service Loan Forgiveness.  I qualify for it.  I have to have 10 years of service (I have 7 already), plus ten years of payments on loans.  I have consolidated all my loans, so they all qualify for this program and they are all under the same service provider.  Just makes it easier.
I’ve been Pinteresting so many recipes.  I have started a list and we are gonna try them out.
Alli finished up her last week of cheer camp.  She had an extra cheer camp because she is a tumbler.  She got part of her clothing and uniforms.  They are still waiting for the rest of the stuff.  She’s also in the front row this year.  The coach decided to do it by skill level and not seniority this year.  Which is how it should be done.
Peyton is at church camp in Minnesota.  He comes back on Sunday.  He’s been camping, fishing and eating pizza.  Living the dream.

How was your week?!?


  1. What a great budget plan! I am starting to work on getting our bills paid off too but sadly it's going to take a while!

    Janet’s Smiles

  2. Your kitty is adorable! We’re tackling some debt at the moment too and my goodness, will it be ever good and such a relief when that’s all paid off and not looming over our heads.
    I think it’s awesome you’re in a roller derby league. :) man alive, id probably kill myself on skates like that. I am such a putz!

    Sorry for the delay in commenting but you’re welcome to link up as often or as little as you’d like. :)