Saturday, July 27, 2019

Tanner is Turning 20!

Tanner is 20!  July 27, 1999 this human made his way into the world!  This 90s child is obsessed with 90s music, so that works out well!
Tanner is headed (on his birthday) to Fort Leonard Wood for a few weeks, then off to Fort Bliss for three months.  He will then find out if he gets to deploy to Cuba.  He wants to deploy to Cuba and I am for what makes him happy! 

On Thursday, we celebrated his birthday with a trip to Main Event.  We ate food, played games and enjoyed a round of laser tag.  Laser tag is so much fun.  Main Event has eat and play combos, where you select certain menu items and then you get credits on a game card.  We all took advantage of the deal.  Tanner ended up winning a game, twice, that gave him 1000 tickets each time.  He redeemed his tickets for some head phones and a bouncy ball. He still has a 1000+ tickets left.  He had a good time.  I'm glad we picked a fun place.
 Alli and my mom playing the Walking Dead game.
 Wings and Fries!  Lots of leftovers for lunch the next day!
 Alli and I got the same food!
 Tanner's Pizza was ready before he even made it to the place!
 He was pretty happy when he arrived!  And devoured his pizza.
 We are all sweaty after the round of laser tag.
 Tanner and his grandma.  I asked them to smile nicely. :)
 Ya'll, I'm so obsessed with the clown game.  It's so much fun.
We all played it together so many times.
 Alli and Tanner playing the Walking Dead.
Tanner after his second 1000 ticket win.  Super hero pose!


  1. Happy birthday! I guess Main Event is fun for all ages, my kids love it too!