Tuesday, December 3, 2019

30 Days of Thankful for November

I know this is a few days late, but here is my Thankful list for November!

November 1
Thankful for it being Friday and getting to do a fun (scary) activity with my daughter.
November 2
Thankful for Cheesy Street and the most delicious grilled cheese.  Thankful that the bout went off without any major problems.
November 3
Thankful for cuddly cats that watch TV with me.
November 4
Thankful for Walmart grocery pickup and chicken tikka masala that everyone loved.
November 5
Thankful for a productive league meeting and my policy passing.  Thankful that the league is able to send some money to a team from Argentina that is traveling to Montreal for Champs.

November 6

Thankful for a Wednesday night at home.

November 7

Thankful for being able to catch up on reading and TV

November 8

Alli passed her permit test!  

November 9

A fun, end of the year banquet with Fountain City Roller Derby

November 10

50% coupon at Half-priced books!  Productive team practice!  New derby relationships.

November 11

Thankful for Veterans and all they have done to help with our freedom!  Also, thankful for the day off.

November 12

Thankful for a warm home!  It was 10 degrees that morning!  Thankful for Costco for having super, cute black boots with fur.  Thankful for volunteers to make Executive Leadership easier.  Delegate!  

November 13

Thankful for a good scrimmage and a fun All-Stars practice!  Thankful that the All-Stars got accepted into the best tournament in the country!  Thankful for late night McDonald's run with Peyton.  Sometimes, it just needs to happen.

November 14

Thankful for an evening at home, enjoying dinner with the family!  

November 15

Thankful for Fridays!  I am always thankful for Fridays!! 

November 16

Thankful for Walmart Grocery pickup!  It's a dream!  

November 17

Thankful for Leaguesgiving and watching the Champs games with friends!  I made a cinnamon apple bread that was oh so yummy!!

November 18

Thankful for Minksy's pizza for lunch!  Minksy's Pizza is so yummy!  My manager bought us all pizza because it has been a tough couple of months.

November 19

Thankful for drinks with friends after a good, tough practice.  The Boulevard Flings are soooo good!  The Blood Orange Vodka Soda!  Thankful for getting an interview for a teaching position.

November 20

Thankful for a fun scrimmage with the teammates!

November 21

Thankful that I was able to interview for the teaching position and finding out there are two available positions!

November 22

thankful for Amazon!  Christmas shopping made so easy!

November 23

Thankful for Saturdays.  Enough said. :)

November 24

Thankful for my niece and celebrating her 5th birthday with her!

November 25

Thankful for a chill Monday with nothing to do!

November 26

Thankful for my friend, Sue, and us going to a movie and dinner together!

November 27

Thankful for the last working day in November!  That means payday!!

November 28

Thankful for time with family and eating all the food!!

November 29

Thankful for an extra day off!  

November 30

Thankful for movies and dinner with my mom!

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