Friday, December 6, 2019


It's time again for another Fri-YAY post!  It's my fav day of the week!

I only worked three days this week.  
Monday was a dentist appointment for me.  All went well, no cavities, my bone is healing well from my previous dental surgery, so I can prepare for the next step soon. (Like, when I have the money saved up for it).  I took the entire day off, because you never know how dental appointments will go.  Afterwards, I stopped by the thrift shop to browse.  I didn't buy anything.  I did notice that there were a ton of Lularoe leggings there though.  Are they not a popular MLM anymore?  I peaked at their book section and didn't see anything that I was interested in.  I looked at the games, just to see if they had any card games I could play with the kids.  I didn't find anything there either.  
Alli had to work Monday evening.  While she was at work, I put the tree together.  I do a decor post later.  I need to get some pics of it first. :)
Tuesday was a typically busy day at work.  My new manager was downstairs with us for a while.  I like her.  I think she's going to be quiet, but she knows her stuff.  I got an email for an interview on a position I applied for.  It's going to be on Monday.  It's with my old manager, my new manager and one other manager.  That's going to be weird?  My old manager knows all the stuff about me already.  I was on her team for three years and she's done all my reviews. 
Here's a picture of Maggie cuddles.  I love my front room table, but would like to refinish it!  It's become a little banged up in the last few years.
Alli worked again on Wednesday and it was corn dog day!  She said it was the busiest it has ever been.  People were ordering 16 corn dogs at a time!  Who eats 16 corn dogs in a setting? :) She brought me home a cherry limeade though.  I do enjoy those.  We had team scrimmage in derby and welcomed a new teammate.  We are welcoming so many skaters into the league and it's great.  I tried out my new derby wheels and I luv them!  I haven't had new wheels for a couple of years, so they were overdue.
Lucky odometer reading?
Thursday was a tough day, but guess what, everyone survived it.  Peyton had an ortho appt in the morning.  I cannot wait until those braces are off.
Look at this cute cuddle puddle I woke up to?!?  Freddie is laying his head on Buster.  He likes the back end of Buster, just not his face.  I didn't know how this was going to turn out, but all was okay, until Buster tried to move his head. :)
Thursday is my Amazon delivery day.  I got a ton of things that I ordered for Christmas and what I ordered for the league.  I ordered us a safe to keep money and the ipads in.  That way a couple of us didn't have to transport them around all the time.  I always worry something will happen to them.  Now, we just need to get it bolted to the floor in our building, so nobody walks off with the whole safe of things.
I have all the episodes of Prodigal Son recorded.  I started the first episode last night.  It is so good!  I can't wait to watch more of them.
Alli got her first paycheck and is now learning about taxes and pay periods. :)
We've made it to Friday.  Typical work day.  Alli works tonight too.  I am going to my mom's house for my brother in laws birthday dinner.  My family is visiting from the Seattle area, I am excited to see them.  There are a few things going on this weekend and I'm not sure which one I want to do.  
At home, I would like to go through my buffet.  I feel like I have a lot of things dumped inside of it right now and they need to be donated or given away or put in their proper places.  

What are your weekend plans?  Anything exciting?  Anything not exciting, but still awesome?


  1. I love going thrifting. I think when some of the Lularoe people go out of business, they donate their whole stash because I've seen that a time or two at the Goodwill as well!

    1. I was surprised at the amount there. I bet after the holidays there will be even more there. People donating old clothes and such.

  2. I saw some LLR leggings in a thrift shop near me too but they weren't any nice patterns.

    1. They were kind of the weird patterns. There were a few that were cute, but I didn't want to buy anything when I went.

  3. Now I want to check out the thrift shop for Lularoe leggings, I could use some.
    Is Alli liking her job? Food service can be fun. Meego and I worked minor league baseball concession in partnership with his marching band. Corn dog night reminds me of 50-cent hot dog days, OMG!

    1. She loves it! They have her wearing an elf hat :) I always had fun when I worked at Sonic. I thought it was the best, first job ever! She even got to carhop a little this weekend and made tips! That was super exciting for her!