Sunday, December 1, 2019

Fall Bucket List Recap -- How'd we do?!

I know December isn't the official end of fall, we still have a couple more weeks, but I feel this is a good time to recap!  How'd you do?
Fall Bucket List!
  • Visit the Renaissance Festival   -- ugh!  I had a ticket and everything, but friends changed their plans.  I'll try again next year.  
  • Attend the chili cookoff on October 26th -- Maybe I will enter the contest!  I haven't done it in years!  -- We didn't make it!
  • Make a Fall wreath for under $20 -- modified this item a little, but it's done!
  • Decorate the Front Porch  -- I found some really cool, cheap ideas!  -- done!
  • Go Apple Picking -- done!
  • Make Apple Recipes: pie and cider  -- I didn't make pie, but I did make an apple cinnamon bread!
  • Visit the Sunflower fields!  -- completed!
  • Go to a corn maze and on a hayride at Gary's Berries   -- We ended up doing the corn maze at Liberty Corn Maze and the hayride at Night of the Living Farm.
  • Go to the Pumpkin Patch  --  does the pumpkin patch at the grocery store count?!?
  • Decorate the pumpkins -- yes!  I did this!
  • Go hiking  - no :( too much rain and grossness when I was able to go.
  • One last camping trip  -- FAIL!
  • Go to a zoo or animal sanctuary  -- I haven't been to the KC Zoo in a few years and I would like to see the penguins and the sloth! And all the animals in general!  -- we didn't make it, but I am adding it to our winter list!
  • Fall Movie Night  -- Hocus Pocus movie night with my derby pals!  We did pumpkin crafty stuff too!!
  • Autumn Star Gazing  -- yes!   My pictures were so pretty!
  • Bonfire with S'mores
  • Visit the Halloween Haunt at Worlds of Fun  -- we did the Exile, Trail of Terror instead.
  • Eat Apple Cider Donuts at Louisburg Cider Mill  -- we got apple cider donuts at Cider Hill Orchards instead!
  • Take a daytrip to a small town:  I'm thinking Wamego to the Wizard of Oz Museum and Winery.  OzToberFest!  what?!
  • Grateful Journal for November  -- Did you see the blog post yesterday?  Did the thing!
  • Make a homemade pumpkin pie
  • Friday night football -- Watching my daughter cheer!  Go Bears!  -- all the football!  The Turn Out the Lights Game!  New football stadium next year!
  • Watching my son play fall baseball!  -- Fall ball is so much fun!

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