Friday, October 30, 2020

Happy Friday!

 Whew!  This week felt long for some reason!  But, we've made it to the weekend side!  

Last Friday night, Alli and I went on the Zombie Invasion Bus ride.  It was so much fun.  We got in this huge bus and hit zombies with paintballs.  Peyton would have liked it too, but he declined.  We were on the second ride for the night.  Once the first group left, they cleaned the entire bus.  They limited the number of participants.  Everyone had to wear masks.

After the Zombie Bus, we went for a walk down the Terror Trail and into the Clown Fun House.  We were there about an hour.

Saturday, I took my grandpa to do his shopping.  We had an extra thing to pick up this time...a TV.  He wanted a new and bigger one.  We found one he liked.  When we got back to his place, I had my mom meet us there with a pizza (I did a barter -- pizza for Mary Kay products I had. lol)  I set up the TV for him, showed him how to use the remotes or I should say I thought I did.  He called me twice this week to figure out how to work it.  :)

On Sunday, I made funfetti pancakes.

On Monday, I woke up to snow.  I might have said a few choice words as I have not been watching the news much and had no idea it was coming.  Haha.  Peyton missed his bus, so I drove him to school.  We actually missed the bus twice this week.  It must be coming earlier than usual  or maybe just running really late?  Regardless, it's not a big deal to drive him over to the school.  Drop off isn't as horrible as it used to be.

I had a meeting that evening with the other Executive Leadership Team members plus the Board of Directors President.  She appreciated my candor.  Oh.  I am meeting with her again next Monday.  

I listened to the 10 Things to Tell You podcast.  I am going to try a few prompts and write on them.

Tuesday, I had my big "Reflect" at work.  This is like our annual review, but they renamed it.  Mine was awesome.  I expect no less of myself.  I've had three managers this year, so I had to break things down.  We review ourselves and the manager reviews us.  

I made chicken alfredo for dinner.  I went to eat it and realized I forgot seasoning.  Eck!  So I had to mix some in after making it.  It made it 100x better.  It was pretty bland before that.

Peyton worked all day on his biology work.  He got all caught up except for his assignment due today.  Some of the ones he had to do were long and it seemed like a lot of busy work.  One was worth 30 points of extra credit though and he needed it.  He had missed an assignment and wasn't allowed to make it up.  It's weird.  

We had three deer in the side yard.  They were pretty big!

Wednesday, we missed the bus.  He only rode the bus home once this week.  Alli picked him up the other day.  We ordered pizza for dinner.  I sent out a few books for a RAOK.  I haven't received anything yet from any of those.  It's okay though.  Maybe I will eventually get one.  I don't mind sending things out.

On Thursday, I started listening to Dr. Death: season 2.  It's so good and they have only released two episodes so far.  I helped Alli with her English test.  I helped P catch up in his Social Studies and PE.  We only have three assignments left for PE and social studies we have a few maps to finish.  I helped him start his Europe one last night, but we only did about half of the political one.  I like it much better when we used colored pencils to label maps.  I'm not a fan of doing it on the pdf.  It makes maps difficult.  We did get his unit test done though and he got an A.

And that brings us to Friday.  I have to work, like every day.  Peyton told me his dad is getting him.  He said his little stepbrother wants him to Trunk or Treat with him.  Peyton doesn't want to go.  I didn't realize he was going to his dads until I asked him if he wanted to go to the Corn Maze with me today.  I guess I'm not going to the corn maze and from what I've seen online, all of them close tomorrow.  I asked my mom, but she's on call and can't go.

Any fun plans for your weekend?
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  1. Busy week for you as always. Hopefully, Grandpa will figure out the remote soon. That zombie bus looks like such fun!

    So sorry about the loss of your good friend, Sam. My condolences to you and her loved ones.

  2. I can't imagine how crowded pick up must be at Gabbie's school when everyone goes on the same day, it's pretty crazy as it is! I've done a few of those RAOK posts but I feel like I have too many books now so I'm skipping this month. I do like sending them out though!