Tuesday, January 5, 2021

We got an exciting email today!  It's about school.  It will still be a hybrid schedule....but....the kids will be able to switch classes four times a day!  I am so happy that Peyton might have a little more normal Freshman year.  I know I got a message from his Auto Services teacher that he asked to principal if he could do small groups in the shop and the principal wasn't opposed.  Peyton will actually get to work in the shop.  I feel like auto repair is a valuable skill one can have.  He has a B in the class, so he will be eligible to go.  

I had planned to take my Grandpa grocery shopping on Saturday, but the side roads were still pretty bad, so we postponed until Sunday.  I ended up doing the shopping for him.  The risk of him slipping on the ice outside was still there and not worth taking the chance.  We had a small lunch together and watched some TV.  He had the gift I got him out.  

My sister came over with her husband and kids to visit for a bit.  We all headed to my mom's house for our postponed New Year's Day lunch.  The champagne that was highly recommended from the Trader Joe's gal was a bust (everything else she recommended has been good though), so we opted for cheap champagne and orange juice.  We all consumed black eyed peas and ham.  LET's get the new year started off with the good luck!

Alli text me and told me she still couldn't get her car out.  She got a ride to and from work.  When I got home, I got her car up the hill and parked it at the church.  That way, she could get to work on Monday.  You can see the annoying, slight incline to the main road up there.  
I had finished up "The Midnight Library" and loved it.  It made me cry, but the ending was so good and I am glad it turned out the way it did.  I have also finished a book called "The Snow".  I like the idea of the book...but the dialogue was atrocious and a tad bit of character expansion would be nice.  The author actually has four more books in the series.  I'm indifferent in wanting to purchase them.  Do I want to know what happened?  Sure, but not with four books and horrible dialogue.  

I did work on Sunday for about 4 hours, so I could start Monday off with less work.  I knew we were going to be swamped with end of the year freak outs and the long weekend.  My coworker came back from vacation on Monday and we had a mini meeting with our c & c team.  On Tuesday, first thing in the morning, she found out her great aunt had passed from Covid, she will be out for the next couple of days.  I feel horrible for her.  I'm going to try to get her address and send her something.  We had a few meetings and started working on a few things.  If she is back on Thursday, we are going to have another meeting to flesh out some items.  I did a rough draft on the definition of business days, when customer service should chat us instead of email and an email template.  Sometimes half the battle is figuring out what CS need/want us to do.  I put some parts about what we do all day and that we have a lot of other work than answering chats or emails.  Like...a lot.... :)  I, seriously, love this job though and I think it's a good fit for me.  It keeps my brain working and there are a lot of moving parts.

I took Draco with me to do a Target run Monday night.  We did the pick up service.  It saves me money not going in the actual store.  So...much...money....  He was nervous when the guy was putting the items in the trunk and wasn't sure what to think.  He was fine though.
After our Target run, we took Alli some dinner.  She was grateful.  Guess what Peyton was doing?  Sleeping.  He had been sleeping since 5:30 when he got home from school.  He woke up at 10:30 and asked me what was for dinner.  lol.

Tuesday was the day of packages.  We got our chewy order, some of the race medals I ordered, some lipsticks I had ordered, the Cat Lady box (which I thought I canceled, even had the email, but was pleasantly surprised with the charge on my card), an amazon package and our BarkBox from December.  Poor BarkBox!  Better late than never.  I did get refunded and a free box for next month because of the shipping delay.  It wasn't even BarkBox's fault.  It was stuck in a facility for over 20 days and finally moved out of the facility on the 29th of December.  I didn't ask for the refund or the free box.  The toys were so cute though.  I love Snoopy!

Alli wanted me to make the Spicy Shrimp Quesadillas.  They turned out so yummy.  We hadn't had them in a while.  I put some chicken in the slow cooker to make meals for tomorrow and Thursday.  

 I set up the last of the Zoom meetings for the BOD search.  I will be so grateful to be done with them.  We will have interviewed 12 Candidates come Thursday and I've been on every single one.  After Thursday, I will do my write ups and opinions.  

How did you week start out? 

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  1. That's good news about school. Gabbie is going back to hybrid at the end of the month. Hope it will last this time. I am wondering if I'd like The Midnight Library. The library wait for it is super long!