Monday, March 1, 2021

Happy March!

 This year feels like it is flying away!  

March is one of my favorites.  It's the end of the winter and the spring is upon us.  New beginnings and such, right?

March is Women's History month and I have some reads lined up for the theme.  

On the first day of March, we celebrate World Compliment Day!  Compliment a family member, a friend or a stranger.  Put a smile on someone's face!

This past weekend was pretty tame.  New tires on Saturday.  A Marshalls shopping trip.  The internet going out for half the day on Saturday.  So much laundry!  Going through towels and old blankets to donate to the local animal shelter.  Oh, and yoga with cats!  

The cats help me work each day.  I do appreciate them so.

I went bowling with my mom last weekend.  The first time bowling in over a year.  I scored over 100, which might be my best ever.  I'm not a good bowler, friends.

We had Door Dash deliver (the driver told me my street and house didn't exist. lol) Fuzzy's Tacos!   The California Heat one is my favorite.  The kids both got burritos and the dogs were super interested in eating them.

A Marshall's find.  This body scrub smells so good!  It might be a new favorite!

Ruby chillin in the dryer.  Because why not?

Peyton goes to school on Monday and Wednesday.  Draco and I take him together.  Draco loves his early morning car rides.  Look at his serious face after P gets out of the car.

My little panthers.  Such good boys!  The Chewy package arrived early Sunday morning.  Thank you, Fed Ex driver, that had to carry that heavy box!  The cats love sitting in the little boxes that separate the canned food.

Happy Monday all!  Hope all is well!!  


  1. March used to be a favorite...until last year!

    1. The KC lockdown started on my birthday :( It was such a bummer, but it's already better this year!

  2. Nice to catch up with you. I always liked March as a school librarian...because spring break!! And sometimes Easter, too. My kitties spend most of my days with me. Sometimes, they are the only ones I talk to until my hubs comes back from work. Good company!

    1. Oh the kittie and pups make the best company. Most of the time, they just want loves and treats and to sleep. I didn't realize my pets were so lazy until I was home everyday!!

  3. Happy March, I'm ready for spring!
    Breaking 100 at bowling is a win for me, doesn't happen often. And I love/miss Fuzzy's!
    Draco looks so serious watching Peyton off to school, all "make good choices"

    1. Is sleeping during class a good choice?! Draco needs to be more forceful with him! I think that's Draco's favorite part of the day, the car ride in the morning.