Thursday, March 25, 2021

39 Things to Do in the next 365 Days!

 I love lists!  I made one of completely accomplishable things I can do before my next birthday!

  1. Visit the Kansas City Zoo (It has been so long and they have so many new things!)
  2. Stay at the Elms Hotel - Get a spa treatment and do the paranormal tour
  3. Cook all of the Japanese recipes in my new cookbook!  (Gotta prepare the stomach for Summer 2022)
  4. Visit the Pioneer Women's store in Oklahoma.
  5. Murder Mystery Dinner
  6. Cabo!
  7. Complete all the runs I've signed up for (I can't remember the number, I'll have to investigate)
  8. Drive In Movies
  9. Float Trip and Camping Weekend
  10. Donate Blood
  11. Visit Cedar Cove Feline Conservation
  12. Stay at the Crescent Hotel
  13. Have a small succulent/cactus garden
  14. Have a palm tree (that my cats do not destroy!!)
  15. Tour BLVD Brewery
  16. Bingo at Chicken N Pickle
  17. Kansas City Ghost Tour (Oct 22nd)
  18. Hotel Josephine Ghost Hunt (April 17th)
  19. Visit Little Jerusalem Badlands and other state parks in Western Kansas.
  20. Visit Turpentine Creek
  21. Go to one of the Festivals at Powell Gardnes
  22. Visit Henry Dorley Zoo
  23. Read 39 books.
  24. Journal Every Day (You all are going to get so tired of me!)
  25. Make a Candle at Cypress Bridge Candle Company
  26. Weekend Trip to Chicago
  27. Visit Hot Springs National Park
  28. Saint Louis Adventure weekend
  29. Get Tooth Fixed
  30. Write Forgiveness Letters and let go
  31. Get the COVID vaccine
  32. Visit the Badlands NP again!  
  33. Visit Indian Cave State Park in Nebraska
  34. Winter Vacation in Minnesota
  35. Visit/Stay at the 21c Museum Hotel
  36. Create my Library
  37. Finally get my new dryer
  38. Actually finish a large puzzle! (Before the cats destroy it!)
  39. RAOK!