Wednesday, March 24, 2021

It's my 39th Birthday! I want to celebrate with a list!

 I tried to think of a list of 39 things about me...but that's a lot and it's hard.  I know there are more than 39 things about me, but it got a little boring trying to write it.  

I'll write about what happened today...

  1. I woke up at 5 am.  
  2. The cat immediately started petting my face with his head.  
  3. The dog rolled over on my legs.
  4. I decided to actually get out of bed at 5:45 am.
  5. I let the dogs out.
  6. I logged into work at 6 am.
  7. I got a lot of work done in 30 minutes.
  8. It was Peyton wake up time.
  9. Finally got him out of bed at 6:55.
  10. Left to drive him to school at 7:05.
  11. Draco came along for the car ride.
  12. I woke Alli up to log into online school.
  13. I worked and worked and worked. (and we put out some fires)
  14. First meeting of the day.
  15. Second meeting about 5 minutes after the first one concluded.
  16. Worked some more on my projects
  17. Finally ate some lunch.
  18. Peyton got home from school.
  19. Another meeting, this was an emergency venting and working things out session.
  20. Alli and Peyton decided to get into a fight.  
  21. It was awesome.
  22. Alli went to work.
  23. I cleared up my work for the week. (I have the rest of the week off)
  24. My mom called me to sing Happy Birthday.
  25. I logged off at 5 pm.
  26. Peyton went to his church with his friends.
  27. I fed the dogs and cats.
  28. I decided to take an early, relaxing bath and read a book.
  29. Cleaned up Peyton's room and put new sheets on his bed.
  30. Played a little Angry Birds 2.
  31. Let the dogs play outside a bit.
  32. Watched "The Challenge"
  33. Responded to the Facebook/Instagram messages I had received.
  34. Alli got home from work.
  35. She brought me Gates BBQ for birthday dinner. My favorite BBQ.
  36. She got me a Majesty Palm.  I love it.
  37. She got me a Birthday cake. It was delicious.
  38. Now, I'm laying in bed.
  39. The Kibben is making biscuits. :)
I hope everyone else had a great day.