Tuesday, February 2, 2016

recipe: Frito Taco Pie

This is an easy, quick recipe that turned out to be a bigger hit than I thought.
Frito Taco Pie
Things you need for this:
Hamburger Meat
Seasoning for the Meat
Crescent Rolls
Whatever other toppings you like
I just used sour cream and salsa
Fritos are my fav.  So are crescent rolls.
In a Pie dish, cover the bottom with the crescent roll.
You can also be browning and seasoning your hamburger meat at this time.
I like the Mrs. Dash "Fiesta Lime"
Warm up your oven to around 425
Put a layer of Fritos at the bottom.
Add your meat.
Add the cheese on top.
Stick in the oven.
use the time on your crescent rolls.
Usually 10-12 minutes.
You want them brown on the edges.

I was honestly skeptical about this recipe.  I mean, it's super easy and you put some different things together.
Turned out super yummy.
Also, easy to reheat for left overs.
The kids loved it.

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