Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Favorite February Blogs

 I tried to come up with 10.  I failed.  Totally failed.  There are more than I read then this though.  Here are just the top ones I go to. Because.  I'm exciting. :)  Also, these are in no order what so ever. 

1. The Pioneer Woman

This is the biggest one I follow, because everyone follows her.  She has good recipes and she's actually quite entertaining at times.

2. Sally's Baking Addiction

Another recipe one.  This one helps me think of ideas.

3. Jenny on The Spot

She's hilarious and you gotta love the Monday Minute (or Two)

4. Mama's Losin It

Blog ideas, link ups that help me find other blogs to read and fun youtube videos that keep me amused for long periods of time.

5. You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Loose Wheel

Roller Derby Stuffs

6. Small Talk Mama

She's the leader of the MOMS Club I founded.  She also has some interesting things to read.

7. Hopes & Dreams

One of the first blogs I ever read.  And I still read it.

8. AbbyNormal

I like her writings and her adventures.

So, I need two more to complete my list!  HALP!  Help me with that haz!


  1. I like Pioneer Woman's blog too. I checked out Jenny On The Spot and added it to Bloglovin' - thanks for that! And I like AbbyNormal a lot. And of courses, Mama Kat. When I'm commenting on someone else's blog, I usually check out who they are following and click on a few of them. I figure if I like their stuff, I would probably like the stuff they like. I've found some funny blogs that way.

    1. Me too! I enjoy exploring. I have a few things that I look for in blogs that I will actually keep reading.

  2. Fantastic list! I recognize a few of my faves as well. :) I'm so glad you have time to pop over and visit me each week!

  3. I should say MAKE time, because none of us really HAVE time to do anything. But thank you for MAKING time for my little corner of the internet. :)

  4. Ohhhh....think I found a few to start following now too.. Thanks!

  5. Oh my, just being in the same list as the Pioneer Woman makes me giddy!! Thanks for the shout out, Morgan, I really appreciate it.