Friday, February 19, 2016

Drink Wine Day! Well, yesterday...

It was windy.  It was 75 degrees F but so dang windy.
Peyton and like half of his classmates from 4th and 5th grade sang songs about togetherness.
How did half of the fourth and fifth graders not show up?  For reals.
Alli.  She liked the people in front of us too.
We had snacks
and wine.
I also found out that one of my teammates works at Cooper Hawk's.
Why did I not know that?
Some of the Sheilas and our coaches watched the January game together.
It wasn't bad game by either team. 
Sad we lost, but we did a good job.
Then, we had to walk and get ice cream because it was still 70 plus degrees at 930.
Then, we walked some more to see my coaches new house that they
recently remodeled.

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