Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Day 1: 20 things about me

  1.  Hi!  My name is Morgan.  If you are visiting you should already know that, if you don’t, well hey, introduce yourself.  My middle name is Ann.  From my grandmother, JoAnn.  Alli is also a victim of the Ann with LeAnn as her middle name.  A lot of people spell LeAnn, like Lee Ann. Just one E people! Only one! In her WHOLE name!
  2. I was born on a day in March in one of those years in the early 80s.  I’m not sure what the weather was like.  It could have been anything.  It was March after all.  And I was born a week late.  I was supposed to born on a holiday where people wear green and pretend to be Irish. 
  3. I’ve lived in Kansas and Missouri my whole life.  I’m ready for a new adventure.
  4. I have three childrenz.  They are pretty awesome.  I have a Tanner, an Alli and a Peyton.  In that order.  Tanner is 16, Alli is 12 and Peyton is 10.  All born in odd years, so this year they will be turning odd numbers.  Tanner and Alli are summer babies, Peyton was a barely Fall baby.  September is the most popular month, with July being a close second.
  5. My favorite color is gold.  Gold is fun.  Gold is sparkly and glittery.  Gold is golden.  Red is also great.
  6. I have always thought my name was weird.  Nobody had the same name as me growing up.  I could never find cute things with my name on them.  But since my name has become slightly popular with the younger folks, it’s easier to find the cute things with my name on them, even though I don’t want cute things with my name on them now.
  7. I attended the same elementary school for seven years.  Kindergarten through sixth grade.  I talk to very few people I attended elementary school with.  When I was in elementary school and middle school, I played basketball.  That was it.  My friend, Cathy, wanted me to join because her dad was coaching.  In high school, I was the last one to be cut from the team.  I was upset but got over it and decided I wanted to swim.  Less pressure and it was fun.
  8. Middle School was terrible and I hated it.  So glad it only lasted two years.
  9. I graduated high school early; I decided I was done, so done.  Plus, I had already earned all my credits needed for graduation, why waste my time sitting in classes I didn’t need?
  10. My friend, Suzy (one person I still talk to), decided I needed to join Job’s Daughters with her.  You had to meet special criteria to join.  As of 2015, that special criteria is no longer a requirement since the numbers were dwindling that much.  When I was a member, I believe Kansas had around 25 bethels, as of this year, Kansas is down to 9.  The one that I belonged to is still up and running.  While I didn’t make it past Junior Princess, I am happy to see it still up and going.  It’s also very secretive. 
  11. I graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City with a degree in Secondary Education-Social Studies.  I am currently working on a Master’s In Education-Biological Sciences.  
  12. I work for the State of Missouri in the income maintenance programs.  I live in Kansas though.  I know more about Missouri politics than my coworkers who live in Missouri and will be voting on the things.
  13. I play roller derby.  This is my fourth season. I am not sure if I want to play anymore.  It’s all up in the air.
  14. I love reality TV, more on that later.
  15. I have a cat.  Her name is Maggie.  Sometimes she’s too much.  We also have a Peanut dog and two guinea pigs named Lennie and Kermie.
  16. I met my man a little bit over a year ago in a most unusual way.  But hey, it worked.
  17. My favorite food is pizza because I am totally original and actually twelve years old.
  18. I love holidays!  They are all the fun!  Seriously!  Come to my house, I will make you all the yummy foods.
  19. I’m a good driver.  For real. 
  20. I’m still waiting for 2016 to be the best year ever.  It has proven to be not so awesome thus far.  It can only go up from here. Right?!?

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  1. I don't think I knew you had kids. This is a strange world.