Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 Goals, Resolutions, Things....

New Year, New Me?!?  Right?!?
Isn't that the super popular Facebook post at this moment?

Well, I don't really want a new me.  I think I'm pretty okay as I am.
I do have some things I want to work on.
So here is my short list:

Finish Chemistry by the end of January.
Become a Roller Warrior. Yep, joining another league.
Eat better.
Post more often.  I have ideas, yo. All the ideas.
Take an awesome fam vacay to South Dakota/Wyoming.
Finish my Master's by December.
Get the car fixed

What's on your list?
Are they fun things?
Also, what's your favorite soup recipe?  I really like soup and it's really cold outside and soup is so flipping yummy.

First Practice of the Year.
My left leg was Pb for two  days.

My new favorite derby picture.
I would like lots of compliments on this.
Please and thank you.
Oh look, snow. in January.


  1. HA! New Year, new me - yes, that is flooding my entire personal facebook feed right now. ACK. Baby steps y'all! Chemistry makes me itch. I remember that in school and oh boy...sweating, itching. That stuff was hard. Interesting but hard. I was glad when it was over! I hope it's almost done for you too - well unless you're like really into it! That's cool too!
    Roller Warrior? Now that is the bomb. I'd love to do something like that if i could. That is friggen amazing. Seriously bad ass.
    Cars suck. Period. i hope that yours doesn't need too much work. My tire literally fell off in the fall. The whole wheel well just rusted out and the damn thing just fell right off. Luckily my husband's brother is a handy man. I'm just hoping that whatever it was he used to seal it back on works until we've saved enough to get another car! EEEEK!

  2. Sounds like you've got great plans. Roller derby queen, eh?

  3. I look forward to a little bit of travel this year too. I wish a Disney trip was in store for us, but I think most of our efforts will be going into climbing out of debt instead of deeper into it. Why does money have to stand in the way of all the things!? I love your goals for the year and BRAVO for Roller Derby! What an awesome sport to pursue. You look hardcore!!

  4. Good luck smashing your goals for 2017, badass derby girl!