Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day....the supposed peaceful transfer of power from one leader to another  in our great United States.  This peaceful transfer of power has many people posting on social media that they will now be boycotting Girl Scout cookies, because Girl Scouts are going to be the Inauguration Parade.
Guess what? By boycotting Girl Scout cookies, you are actually boycotting the individual troops and girls that you are not buying from.  None of the profit goes to GSUSA or the local council.  The troop retains all the profit.  The profit helps to pay (using my troop as an example) for the Silver Award, Day Camp and Indoor Sky diving. (The girls have to have fun too!) 

I am linking to an article from the Girl Scout blog that states that all the girls participating are volunteers.  This might be a once in a lifetime experience for that girl participating.  This might inspire a girl to run for her own place in government.

Another point the blog makes (that makes me extremely happy) is that there will be even more girls at the Women's March on Washington!  These girls are involved in civic action and standing up for what they believe to be right.

As a Girl Scout leader, I encourage my girls to form their own thoughts and opinions and it is completely okay to differ from one another.  My girls are never forced into an activity and they do not have to participate in anything they do not want to.

I am not excited about the new President entering the White House, but I also know that he does not have all the power.  Get involved in your state and local government to make changes.  It does not all take place on the national stage.

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  1. I'm glad you said this. I particularly like your last paragraph.

    I've never been involved in Girl Scouts - I wasn't one, and all my kids are boys. But I've known people who have been or are still involved, and I've felt it's a good organization for girls. A few years ago, I had a run in with a surprisingly nasty couple of girl scouts, and ever since, I've carried negative association with Girl Scouts. But I think those girls were exceptions