Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Least Favorite Part of the Day....

You know that time, when you are nice and snuggled up in your warm blankets and the first alarm goes off...the Fit Bit is first.  At 5:30 am.  You remain warm and snuggly in your blankets.

The second alarm goes off.  5:45 am.  This one is on the phone.  And you struggle to reach that one.  To turn it off.  Because you don't want to hear it anymore.

It goes off again and I reluctantly get up.  Most likely to put the clean laundry in the dryer because I fell asleep before accomplishing that task the night before.

Then, up the stairs.  To wake up the teenager so she does not miss her bus because it comes at 6:42 am.

After that is done, we can get to the better part of the day.

Least favorite part of the day.....waking up so early, then waking up the teenage daughter.


  1. LOL. I sometimes forget to move the laundry to the dryer, too. And I'm not a morning person.