Monday, August 21, 2017

46 seconds

I don't think anyone has heard, but there was totally a solar eclipse today.
The clouds didn't get the message and it thunder stormed a good part of our morning.  It was making me anxious that the event would be missed.  Can you imagine all the made people that scrambled to get their eclipse glasses and to get the day off?

I worked today.  I really wish I could have gotten the day off.  Not for the eclipse, but because of what happened.
We walk in like any normal day.  The front part of our office was okay. The back part of our office not so much.  Someone had decided to break in.  They broke one of our locks.  Found our public access computer and helped himself to our temps lotion and watched himself some porn. Well, how do I know it was a guy?  He left us a little present under the desk.  Yep.  He did that.  All under the desk.  He also took our Emergency Management Backpack.  A BRIGHT RED BACKPACK!!  So I'm sure he had intentions  take more.  He left food all over the place.  He got our temps extra drinks she keeps in our office and drank those.  I can't say much more about what happened, but I'm super grossed out and feel violated that someone would do that, in our workplace, in a public space.

But this made it better.  The eclipse.  It was amazing and beautiful.
Nobody argued over science today.
We had one pair of eclipse glasses for the office.  We all shared them and took turns looking at the sun.  I took my lunch break at 1.  Totality was at 1:08.  It lasted 46 seconds.
It felt peaceful.  It felt like everything was alright after the morning.
I know I sound stupid, especially with the United States falling apart like it is.
You have to find that calm.

I did get to see Baily's Bead and the diamond ring effect. 
The clouds were there, but they cleared perfectly to see the totality.
The cicadas went crazy and it became so loud.
It was dark.  Not pitch black.  It was an eerie dark.

Every Soul A Star is a book by Wendy Mass.
It is about three teenagers and their time leading up to a total solar eclipse.
I would say the recommended grades to read this in would be 4th to 8th.
Even as an adult, it's a super quick read and it has fun facts about eclipses and astronomy in general.

And now it is storming again. 

How did eclipse viewing go for you?

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  1. You got some great pics! Glad the clouds didn't totally ruin it, but that break-in... bleccchhh