Wednesday, August 2, 2017

IWSG #2 -- August

Let's look at the July goals and see how I did:

Goals for July:
  • More traveling: Spending the Fourth of July holiday in Seattle.  -- Yes!  This happened and it was so much fun!  I've been sprinkling our travel fun into posts.
  • Start the Missouri National Parks Challenge  If you visit all six parks by the end of the year there are prizes you can win.  I have a National Parks Pass, so I need to utilize it.  --  I did not get to start this, but I did utilize the National Parks Pass in the Olympic National Park.
  • Finish the Chemistry II class.  I have to have an 85% or higher to pass.  -- Didn't happen.  This class gives me so much anxiety that I cannot even take the test.  Like I cannot click on the button to take the test. 
  • My oldest son turns 18, so we are going have a party for him!  I'm thinking BBQ and friends.  I got him passes for the Black Light Slide event and I know he will have a blast.  -- His birthday party was a lot of fun and he loved it!  I think of that as a success.
  • Generate another post that gets a thousand views. :)  -- Not even close, but I'm okay with it.
  • Lead my Usual Suspects to a victory!  -- We didn't win, but we end up on the local news and both the Captain (me) and Co-captain (Slam of God) ended up as #wcw and #mcm, so that was pretty awesome.
  • Participate in some blog link ups.  -- I did this.  I enjoy Mama Kat's Writers Workshop and the Top 10 List link ups.  Which other ones do you like to participate in?

You can see me a few times in it.  The one of note at about 7 seconds.

Goals for August:
  • Finish Chem II -- any tips or tricks or motivation is appreciated.
  • Actually start the Missouri National Parks Challenge.
  • Start cleaning out the extra bedroom and see what treasures I can find.
  • Solar Eclipse goal will be accomplished.
  • Participate in blog link ups.
  • Start rebuilding my teaching portfolio.
  • Participate in the August Baking Challenge
  • I want my August to be a month to get things done.
August 2 Question: What are your pet peeves when reading/writing/editing?

My Pet Peeves lie mainly with myself.  The lack of confidence I feel at times when I write.  The anxiety that comes over me that I might have offended someone in our world of offended people. That I might have written something incorrectly.  I don't have pet peeves with other writer's writing.  I feel like they are putting their heart into it and there is no reason for me to be annoyed by what they write.  I sometimes get anxious over cluttered blogs, but I soon get over it.   That way I can enjoy the content and not the background.


  1. I'm looking forward to the eclipse this month!

    I think we all have worries about how our work will be perceived. I'm working on accepting that you can't please everyone. Someone might take offence at something you couldn't have predicted, but there's no way around that unless we stop writing altogether, and that would be terrible.

    Best of luck with your goals this month!

  2. Chemistry - and physics - about killed me in school, so I have no help for you there. I wish you good luck though, with that and all of your goals! :)

  3. Organic Chemistry was a monster, especially the lab. I'd be looking online for some practice tests that match up with your topics. That might give you confidence or show you where you need to study more. Good luck!

  4. Oh my gosh. I did well in Chem for NON-chemistry majors in college. I can't even fathom Organic Chem. All the luck with that. Happy birthday to your son.
    I think a lot of things revolve around having some time in order to complete them. 1,000 views of anything of mine would blow my mind. Morgan, many of us suffer from insecurity. That's why we have this group as a support system. Good luck with your new challenges. Enjoyed the video. Good for you being the captain!

  5. All science-based subjects make my mind boggle. My hat off to you! Yes! Offending people is something I always, always worry about too! It's terrible! I've spent hours chewing over things I've said or written.

  6. OK, dear Morgan, you need to take that test! Is it really a lack of motivation that is holding back? Fear of failing? Anyway, you asked for tips, here you go:
    Lots of fun going on in Seattle and at your son's birthday party, how awesome! I'd love to do that N.P. Challenge!
    1,000 views? How many of those posts have you published? Out of over 500 posts I have only 3 of them!
    Looking forward to seeing you at one of those Top Ten Thursdays!

  7. You can do this!!! Keep up the good work and finish the Chem II exam. ;)

  8. Great set of goals and accomplishments! I'm with you, I don't like nit picking another's writing. It's all heart, soul, and love! :)