Friday, August 4, 2017

tanners 18th birthday

Tanner turned 18!  I still can't believe it!
He will be starting his senior year of high school.
We need to get his senior pictures done and plan his graduation party!
I don't think he is excited as me.
Let me tell you a story about this grill.
My mom wanted me to help her put together a grill because hers decided it didn't want to function anymore.  I went over to her house to help her put it together.  I took out one of the parts and it was dented so horribly that it could not be pieced together correctly.  So we loaded the box of grill parts into the car and returned it to the place we purchased it from.  We were able to exchange it.  I had to keep my mom from having a slight melt down.  The girl at the store said it would only take 30 minutes to put together.  Yes, it took 30 minutes plus an hour and thirty minutes more.  NBD. 
The instructions did not have any words.  Most places are going IKEA style and think words are not important.  I put two parts on backwards.  Thank goodness, they were easy to fix, otherwise my mom would have flipped out more.  We got the grill finished around 11 pm.  We both had to work early in the morning.  We didn't need sleep.
Tanner's Birthday dinner was the night after the grill fiasco. 
He got his favorite root beer.
Also, dinner was his choice.  He requested steak, baked potatoes, mac and cheese and chips and dip.  We did add a salad to the menu but he didn't partake.
Because he's silly
Alli and Scarlett made him a party animal card.
Cupcakes for dessert.  Since I had ran out of time the night before, Alli made them for me that day.
Because home made is sometimes better than store bought.
We almost started a fire.
Tough job blowing out 18 candles.
Let me tell you about that blue frosting....well maybe I won't.
Frosting was her friend.
The girls were playing minecraft
Dis is Sofie.  Sofie doesn't like photographs.


  1. lol. Blue frosting always complicates things.

    Sorry you had such a time getting that grill put together. 😞

    It looks like it was made up for in Tanner's birthday dinner and cupcakes though! Mmmm! (Don't you think you are jumping the gun a little by going and starting to plan his graduation party? Doesn't he have like 10 more months of school? 😉) 🙂

  2. Look, I can barely put on pants properly let alone put a BBQ together. Damn! That's impressive. And I agree with all these appliances and things going the way of IKEA's code of "Here's instruction guess what you have to do with the rest"'s bananas. Divorces happen this way I tell you.
    Oh happy Birthday Tanner! 18 was a good year as I remember it. Lots of discovery and growth and my goodness..I remember the metabolism being AMAZING still! Enjoy it!