Thursday, August 24, 2017

writer's workshop: what's your story?

Photo by Zaftig Unicorn aka Kate the Great

Hey Thursday peeps!  How's your week been going?  I am hoping less "exciting" than mine.

Thanks for coming over to visit from the Writer's Workshop link.
This week I decided to write about my Facebook profile picture.

I am not a huge Facebook fan.  It’s an incredibly big time suck and too political now.  Does anyone know my views on politics on Facebook?  No, they don’t.  I do not post about politics on Facebook.  I don’t post a whole lot on Facebook.  I share events and roller derby related items; sometimes pics of the kiddos and little stories about them.  Mostly, I post in groups because of derby things or Girl Scout things.

My Facebook picture is a derby picture.  Of course, right?  Honestly, that is about the only time I get my picture taken, other than the occasional selfie. 

This picture was taken at an event called Winter Wonderslam.  It was a winter themed WFTDA mashup mini tournament.  My team, Resting B*tch Face won 2nd place!  My team was pretty amazeballs and we had a guest playing with us for some of the games; V-Diva from Gotham Girls Roller Derby fame. 

I made some awesome blocks and played well.  This is what made we want to start playing for KCRW.  I think this is a ruleset I can excel at much more than others.  Plus, it is super fun and you can make big hits.

What’s up with your Facebook/Twitter profile pic?  Tell me your story and link it up with MamaKat’s Writers Workshop.


  1. I use the same picture on Facebook, Twitter, and Wordpress. Boring, huh?

    Every time I visit Facebook and Twitter, I'm tempted to delete my accounts. Nothing but a bunch of people screaming at each other anymore.

  2. Love your picture and I like what you post on fb. That's the way it should be!

    I don't let any junk come into my space and I have very few friends. My siblings, children and some of my closest friends. I don't want anyone in my business, although I do find myself posting things that make me happy and are inspiring.

  3. Cool pic! I think watching roller derby would be fun, I'm too chicken (and too old) to participate, lol.

    As for FB, I've discovered that I can be "friends" with a lot of people and hide them. I'll admit. That definitely helps. Still I'm with you, sometimes I'd rather just delete it and go back to life before FB. I do have a Twitter account, but don't use it.
    visiting from

  4. That's great! My facebook photo is from my wedding :)