Thursday, February 28, 2019

February Goal Review

{ Goal One }  Walk 10,000 steps every day in February!  --  I totally failed on this one.  I did up my steps, but not enough.  I am going to carry this over to next month, but maybe make it a week and not the whole month. Eventually, move the goal up to a month.  Small steps!
{Goal Two }   Buy a New Fridge! – I haven’t done it yet.  With all the stupid weather, I haven’t been able to make it back to Home Depot to do the measurements on it to make sure it will fit.
{Goal Three }Read Three Two Books -- I finished "Educated" by Tara Westover,  "I was Amelia Earhart" by Jane Mendelsohn.  I read two, not quite my goal, but I did read.

{Goal Four }  Clean Out My Car  -- I didn’t do it.  Moving the task to next month. 

{Goal Five }  Create a Savings Plan and Implement it. -- I have set up a savings plan.  My goal is to save 10% of my net income from all sources each month.  I have it set up through my bank account for the next three months.  It is starting today since the last day of the month is my pay day.  I am saving all my change in a jar.  I am going to cash this in around November.  It's going to be my extra Christmas money stash.

 How’d you do this month with your goals?


  1. I have a goal to walk a mile each evening but we haven't been able to do it at all lately with the weather!!

    1. Same! It's been so hard. And so cold! It hurts the face to go outside!

  2. Hey, you still made some progress! And these are all good goals. I should write some down for myself...