Tuesday, February 5, 2019

I want Pizza, not your opinion.

Honestly, I should have purchased this little sign for my desk at work.  It’s perfect for me.  I like pizza a lot. J
A game for me!  I might have to go back and get it.  I love Bingo and I love cats!  Perfect combo.  Who is up for a game of Cat Bingo with me?

My mom’s birthday turned out perfectly!  I left work around noon.   I had an AT&T repair appointment.  My lines are finally repaired and since it took them eight months to complete it, I get $20 off my bill for a year.  My cousin’s flight got in early.  She text me from the plane and let me know and I was up there by the time she got off the plane and picked up her bags from the claim area.
We arrived at my mom’s house about 20 minutes before my mom got home.  My cousin hide down the hallway, so my mom thought I had just gotten there early because I left work to get my Uverse fixed.  My cousin stepped out of the hallway and my mom was so excited!  She was smiling from ear to ear. 
We ended up going shopping for a tad bit before our reservation at Firebirds.  This steakhouse is amazing.  My ended up getting the steak.  I got a perfectly prepared burger.  Tons of sides and appetizers.  My mom and Jackie drank all their wine.  (I was the driver).  I’m glad this made my mom happy.
I filled up my mom’s wine rack.  I need to go to Trader Joe’s and pick up a few more bottles for her.
Happy Birthday to my mom, I’m glad it was a good one. 


  1. Sounds like a great celebration. Whew, that's a lot of wine!
    You look like your mom :)

    1. She was so happy! I'm glad it turned out well. I hear that we look alike. :)

  2. That first one is perfect! I'm going to borrow it for One-Liner Wednesday, if it's okay with you (you'll get the credit, I promise)...