Wednesday, February 6, 2019

I Broke It Before I got it Home!

We’ve made it halfway through the week!  I have a five day weekend coming up.  I took Friday off for travels to Milwaukee and I took Monday off for rest and that we have a holiday on Tuesday.  I figured just make it a mini vacation while only using two vacation days.

Work has been a little slow.  We’ve had an abundance of non-english speaking people in this week. 

I played in three derby games over the weekend.  It was a lot of fun.  I was practicing for the tournament in March. J

My insurance sent an email regarding a program called Naturally Slim, I signed up for it, as well as a few coworkers.  So far it seems a little kookie.  Maybe once I get into it a little more it will seem legit.  I did read reviews on it and most of them seemed to be positive.  Does anyone have experience with this program?  How'd you like it?  I can't complain too much since it's free.  They did send me a workbook and a tape measure.  I have yet to measure all my body parts though.
My FitBit Band broke.  I ordered a new one off of Amazon in Tiffany Blue.  I have no idea why I picked that color.  It looked pretty and not my norm.  Tiny step out of the box.
For Christmas I received an Utensil Holder.  I immediately broke it by dropping it on the floor :(  I started looking around to replace it.  Wal-Mart had them for $11, but they had been discontinued, so I look to Amazon.  Amazon is charging $35 for it.  WTH?
I do a little more shopping around find a whole set of items (including the utensil holder) for $59.  It was on and I can pick it up in the store.  It's a darn good deal and I don't have to buy each piece separately.  I already own the four piece measuring cup set, but it doesn't hurt to have more than one. (Or I can always give as a gift or something)  I've been super cleaning out my kitchen, getting rid of broken and non-used items.  I'm making great progress.  I have a lot of items on my wish list.  I need a nice set of knives and a new canister set (mine is 15ish years old! and I don't have the matching plates anymore)  My big thing for the kitchen is getting a new fridge.  Mine is old and it's not working as it should, meaning lots of trips to the grocery store each week.  I have an eye on one at Home Depot.  It has the French Doors and freezer at the bottom.  Delivery is free from Home Depot and they will haul my old fridge away for $20.
How is your week going?  Any exciting plans coming up?
I have scrimmage and practice tonight for our games this weekend.  Practice was canceled yesterday due to the ice.  I didn't have any ice around me, but I heard some areas of Kansas City were bad.  Better safe than sorry.


  1. So, did you buy the complete set? I've been cleaning out too and resisting the urge to replace everything! So far, I'm managing.
    I've never heard of Naturally Slim, our insurance gives cash incentives doing certain healthy things. Update us!
    Enjoy your 5-day weekend!

    1. I did buy it. It's supposed to arrive today, but I'm okay if it doesn't since the ice came last night and I understand why things wouldn't get delivered.

  2. We are off school today for the ice and I think most places are canceled today. I wonder how bad it really is outside!

    1. I made it to work fine. Slow and steady. The roads/highways in Kansas were fine, but once you got over to Missouri, it was a drastic change. I live on a hill and was able to get it up fine. Someone had salted and sanded last night though, so I'm thinking that helped a lot.