Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Winter Blues

Struggles.  They are real.  I am struggling with me.  I wasn’t, but now I am.  I bought batteries for that silly little scale of mine and now I feel blah.  The seasonal depression has gotten a hold of me.  I love the snow, I love the weather, but the fact that things keep getting canceled and I’m stuck at home, it’s making me blah. 
I looked at the number on the scale and it hit me hard.  It doesn’t help with someone at work (not a coworker) constantly tells me my butt is big (I mean, I know it is, it’s an advantage with the sport I play).  It doesn’t help when the same person tells me there is a lot of snow on the mountain (yes, I know I have dry skin, the winter makes it so much worse).  It doesn’t help when the same person thinks it’s amusing to throw paper clips and my banana chips down my shirt.  (Not funny).  Maybe, I’m just over it.  It’s not how you flirt.   I’m not a complainer, but sometimes you just want UGH to people! 
I can’t online date because every single app has the stalker ex neighbor that will not get the hint.  He thinks changing his online name to his dogs name will throw me for a loop.  I know your dog’s name, we were neighbors.  Just leave me alone so I can find someone who doesn’t have weird dreams about me that they think I need to know. 
So, the weight thing, my goal is 10% of my body weight.  Small steps.  I am tracking everything that I am consuming with my FitBit app.  I’m being honest with myself.  Yesterday was the first day I was on target.  Yay!  Most days I am under.  Which is just as much a problem as being over.   My first weigh in date was on Monday, since that’s when I purchased the batteries for my scale.  We will call that weight zero.  Anything lost will be shown as a negative, any gains a positive sign.  We want to be losers.  I will start a page on the blog so I can track the things.
The online dating thing:  is there a block feature?  I can figure that out, right? 
I’m reaching my goals that I put out for February, which is helping me get out of the funk.  Once I get more sunshine in my life, it will be so much better.  Being out side and active.  I am planning and doing fun things in March.  I complete one more circle around the sun. 
How do you beat the winter blues and funk?


  1. That jerk at work needs the what for! Jeez.
    Good luck with your goals, I have a friend who says her fitbit has helped her. I know I'm beginning to feel the winter blahs too as we've been in a deep freeze for a while now.
    I take vitamin D most days during the dreary months. I think it helps.
    Dating apps and creepy ex neighbor? I got nuthin'.

  2. I think your goals will help you with the blues, especially when you reach them! Good luck!