Thursday, August 1, 2019


We are eight months into this year!  Happy August!  The weather is still hot, the summer is in full swing, school starts soon and it's going to be phenomenal. 

during august I would like to....
  • Go on a date where the guy doesn't ghost me afterwards.  it's getting real old.
  • get a manicure.  I remember when I was on the cruise and my nails were lovely. 
  • clean out one of the bedrooms
  • paint my dining room and kitchen...I might have taken three days off work to get this all done.
  • read two books from my book shelf.
As for tonight, my plans are to:
  • get air in my tire
  • return library books
  • get chinchilla food at the pet store since he loves the food from there.
  • have the dog take me for a walk
  • scrub down my bathroom and organize the things again. bathrooms get so disorganized.
What are you up to?

1 comment:

  1. I never knew what ghosting was until recently when my 30 year old son talked about it. Cleaning the bathrooms are my least favorite. I have some cupboards to clean out in the bedroom too. Thanks for reminding me to put these things on my list!

    Janet’s Smiles