Tuesday, February 4, 2020

February Goals

February 2020 Goals
  • Make an emergency car kit -- since I didn't get that done last month 
  • Read a book set in Iceland.  I saw this on Pinterest and it sounded fun.  I don't think I've ever read a book set in Iceland.
  • Celebrate National Pizza Day  -- February 9th
  • Continue to put money into the savings accounts.  Also, look into the cash back checking account offered by my bank.
  • Attend the Girl Scout Cookie and Wine Pairing Event.  -- February 29th
  • Celebrate Leap Day!  It's on a Saturday after all.
  • Room of Focus will be my Dining Room.  
  • Call around for cheaper home and car insurance.
  • Go on a Winter Hike!!

January 2020 Goals - Recap
How'd I do?

Clean out car -- I keep doing this but I don't get far. :(,
get new tires Check! , get the oil changed check! and make an emergency kit moved to February

Make four soup recipes Check!

Learn how to bullet journal - I'm doing it on my calendar!

Go on a winter hike - nooooooo.....but I'm going to try in February

Stick to a budget and savings plan - YES! I threw a
lot of money in those savings accounts!

Room of focus: Living Room (starting with the easiest) -
Definitely was the easiest!

Plan Vacations for the year - I've priced Disneyland (hotel, plane,
tickets and transportation!),
and a trip to AZ with friends in April (it can be a
belated birthday getaway), also I have a rough draft
for the Grand Canyon trip!!


  1. What kind of soups did you make? I'm house/dog sitting for someone so I'm not home, but once I get back home again and settled, I got to get back t

    Your Grand Canyon trip sounds amazing, I'd love to camp out there, I think that'd be wild.