Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Hump Day Confessions

Welcome to my confessions....
It's been a minute....
I've been sick and then just couldn't get back into the groove.
I had lots of link ups ready, but I will just wait until next month to try and participate again.
Work has been hell....we are supposed to operate at 10 people, we've had 8 regularly, until they sent someone to another office, so we have 7 regular.  Last week, we were operating on 5 people because people took leave time.  It was miserable.  We were busy as ever and it compounded with so few staff, made it a not good working environment.
I am not enjoying derby right now.  Being in leadership is hard.  People do not allow you to practice and enjoy derby.  Everyone wants an answer to their question right now.  I don't get paid to do all the work that I do for the league.  People need to understand that I have a job that pays my bills, a family and things I enjoy outside of derby.
That stray kitten.  Belongs to my neighbor.  He's a bad pet owner to let the kitten outside when it's only 9 degrees out.  I'm glad the kitten likes to come to my house to eat dinner and spend the night.  The kitten is welcome anytime.

My biggest confession is.....I just want this to be a good week. :)



  1. I'm glad you're feeling better and hope work and derby improve too! And I'm happy the kitty has a nice place to hang out.