Friday, February 21, 2020

What's Up, Weekend? AKA Fri-YAY! (7)

I feel like I'm so far behind with blogging.  But, I'm getting caught up!  I had the crud of the cruds and all I did was work and go home and veg.  I did have to run a meeting, but that was only an hour, then I went straight home.

I even missed my Fri-YAY post :(
I'm back with it today!

Some fun things happened:
Birds of Prey movie premiere at the Alamo Drafthouse!
So much fun!

Orange soda at Red Robin's for my sister and nieces birthday!

Oh, my little cuddly catos!

Before the Polar Plunge.  Well into my coughing crud phase.  I was trying to look human. 
I did not go into the water, but I had raised money and was there to support my friends.

My friends getting ready to go in!

Packed house at the Roller Derby!
We had 1,291 people attend!  This is the biggest production I have run thus far!

After the game.  Autographs with my friend!

Buster got his Bark Box.  He's like don't take away my toy!

Kibben in his cute little ball!  Oh, it makes my heart happy!

I attempted to make lasange rolls, but it ended up regular lasange.  

If you've read this far, a few more things:
The Ipsy bag we received this month was seriously the best.
Every time Alli works, she gets me a nerds slush when I pick her up.  I tell her to surprise me on the flavor.
I received my order from and it smells so good!  It was one of the room fresheners from Mrs Myers brand.  I stashed it away to my bedroom so the kiddos don't take it.
I visited the Pet Stop and got to see the animals when I got the Chin Chin food (because our Chin Chin food from Chewy was delayed, it's arrived now though)
I made it off the wait list for a training I wanted to do.  I was number 11!  That will be next week, I'm trying to get all my "pre-training" work completed.
The visiting kitten, it has spent the night a few more times and eaten dinner at our house, is our neighbors.  He tried to run to my house when I was letting the dog out and the neighbor grabbed him by the hind legs and threw the kitten inside his house.  So whenever that kitten is out and about, he's more than welcome to stop by for a meal and a warm bed.  WHY WOULD YOU LET A KITTEN OUTSIDE WHEN IT IS NINE DEGREES!! We've named it Don Gato the Cat. :)
Had a good Engage meeting with my sup.  I think there are going to be some positive changes in the air, but some won't be happening with them.  ALSO, we actually get to do what our job actually is!  Go out into the community and support people and give presentations!  I AM SO EXCITED! (I've been stressed 100% on work lately)

How was your week?  Anything fun planned for the weekend?


  1. Girl I feel you on the crud, I sound like I smoke a pack a day right now with my cough. I'm hoping to get some rest this weekend and get rid of this yuck! Sounds like a good week otherwise! Love the kitty pictures!

  2. I love this list! Any cooking "fail" that results in regular lasagne is a cooking WIN to me. Yum. Great to meet you through Beth's linkup!