Wednesday, January 5, 2022

currently:: January

 Oh!  My favorite link up!  It's a fun one and I enjoy going though and reading others.

The prompts this month are: anticipating, organizing, reading, resolving and scheduling.

Anticipating:  We were all anticipating snow!  But it didn't happen, some people didn't get any in our area.  I got around a half an inch.  What we did get through is the cold.  That bitter, bitter cold.  So cold that I had 30 students missing between all my classes.  That's a lot!  It's almost a 1/3 of them.   I'm anticipating finish my Master's Degree in March (I wanted it to be February, but sigh, it's not going to happen).  I'm anticipating fun things in the future!  Not sure exactly the fun things, but fun things.

Here is a picture from New Years Day, when we did receive a bit of snow.  This is our feral cat, Ferret.  She has lived in our backyard/woods since July.  She's very health and happy.  

Organizing:  I'm trying to get my books organized.  I have about 100 that I am going to donate to Free Thought KC.  This is an organization that gives books to Juvenile and Adult offenders in the system.  I am going to be putting some in the Little Free Libraries in my area.  We have about 5 within 5 miles of my house.  I have my books separated for the Unread Shelf Project.  I have three stacks of 30 books each.  I am going to read the first 30, then move on to the next pile.   This is not all of my books.  It's just a way of organizing to get them read.

I made some delicious biscuits and gravy.  I have also been on a lemon scented candle kick.  They just smell so fresh and so clean.

Reading:  I finished 56 Days by Catherine Ryan Howard this week.  I enjoyed it.  The book took place in the recent past, like first COVID lockdown past.  It had many twists and turns for the two main characters.  It was a pretty quick read.

I started Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson.  I think someone sent me the British version.  Some of the places and court like stuff are British instead of United State-ish.  I am okay with that and I like the change.  I do have the third book in the series that I will be able to read and I put it in my first 30 pile.

A picture below of my study buddy.  I think this day we were studying Cellular and Molecular Biology.  Which I love and enjoy!

Resolving:  I didn't make any resolutions this year.  I am trying to write in my journal each day and at the very least write down what was happening in my life that day.

Scheduling:  Our roller derby schedule came out!  I am excited!  Each month, I am scheduling one or two fun things that I want to do.  I am trying to get yoga into my daily schedule, but the class I want to take is on Tuesdays and until mid-February, I have to coach Basketball games on Tuesdays.

What are you doing currently?


  1. A number of my blogging buds decided not to make resolutions this year. I always have basically the same ones...get in better shape, lose weight. But I also set goals each season and those are more specific.
    Your feral kitty Ferret looks like my feral kitty Fluff. Fluff actually has a home a few doors down but they don't care for her/him. So for 3 years, we have been feeding Fluff. And on super hot or super cold days, Fluff comes inside.

  2. I love that book comic. Isn't it true? I used to have an unread shelf but decided to sort it all in with the books. Now I sometimes don't know where I can find a particular book or don't remember. But when I am not sure what I want to read I can browse and re-discover some books. I guess it keeps me from buying more.

    Those bisquits look really yummy.

  3. I read the third Good Girl's Guide book over the weekend. I think the 2nd was my favorite.

  4. "I'm anticipating fun things in the future! Not sure exactly the fun things, but fun things." I LOVE that line! I will join you in anticipating fun things in the future.

    And now I just want to read a bunch of books!!!