Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Happy Wednesday!

 Half-way through the week!  Whew!  On the downward slope we are.  

On Wednesday, I tend to get home a little early as there is no basketball after school.  Basketball coaching is exhausting and I feel I don't know what I am doing half the time.  The girls are nice for the most part, but basketball isn't a priority for them.  I think for the game tomorrow, we might have 8 players.  I am grateful for that.  (we have 12 on our roster officially).   

I put some chicken with buffalo sauce in the instapot and I'm waiting for potatoes to cook.  I am going to make some shredded buffalo chicken potatoes.  I've never had them before, so I am hoping they turn out well.  

Since it was still daylight when I got home (I leave when it's dark and get home when it's dark), I was able to take all the trash to the curb for pickup.  I forgot last week and have had to clean stuff up multiple times because the creatures of the wild enjoy the trash a lot.  

I have practice tonight, we are doing a scrimmage, the first one as a team.  I'm excited.  On Monday night, we had pictures for the program.  A lot of people are missing, but it's all good.

I finally got my dream job of being a Life Science/Biology teacher.  It's  tough and I teach Freshman, but I love it.  I don't love all the parts, but I do love most of them.  This week, we are finishing up our big cells unit.  We did some Cell Cycle activities earlier this week and worked on Cell Regulation and Cancer today.  Out of all the sections, the one that has peaked the most interest has been the cancer portion.  It's probably more relative and they have heard/know more about it.  We are going to have a big test after the holiday.  They will have a day just for test review and to go over anything they want.  I have a fun online escape room for review.  I love Cells!  haha and they are so fun to teach.  One of the other science teachers went around and gave us big boxes of the Immune Max.  I'm not sure how well it worked since our Chem teacher was out today and I got to sub.  I enjoy that group of students though.  (And we get paid for subbing now!  Which is why I didn't mind as much this time)

I want to introduce everyone to my Tux.  He showed up in my backyard in June/July time last year (Ferret the feral showed up not too long afterwards).  I started feeding Tux because he looked so sad.  Like he was dumped or something.  I think he was.  It took about 3 weeks for him to warm up to me, so I could get him in a kennel to have him checked out.  When I took him in I found out he is a 16 pound, neutered cat with no microchip.  Obviously, I had to keep this boy.  (Don't worry, I posted first trying to find an owner).  I got him tested, vaccinated and microchipped.  He's my forever cat now.  He's the sweetest.  The other cats are fine with him.  They even cuddle.  It's the best.

How's your week going?


  1. Oh, I wish I could get my kitties to accept a stray that we have been feeding and caring for for 3 years. They are beginning to adjust to one another but I don't know that we could bring the stray, Fluff, into the house full time. You give me hope, though.

    So glad you are living the life and loving your job. Teaching IS tough. And even tougher now with this ridiculous virus. I know you are doing wonderful things in the classroom and will be the kind of teacher your students remember for always!!

  2. Hopefully the classrooms there are doing ok! And congrats on being their teacher!

  3. Busy as always! Your coaching girls basketball? Is it the team from the school where you're working now?
    Enjoy teaching freshman science! I appreciate those who do it well!