Friday, August 28, 2015

Happy Friday?

Friday…I don’t want to be here.  It feels like a day that I need to be curled up in my bed.  I’m usually on vacation the last part of this week.  Just all the sad.  And a baby panda died. I know, I’m two days late on that one, but still.  I think I’ve been so mentally exhausted the past few days that I have been sleeping with only waking up once or twice.  Sometimes life is just overwhelming, even when I try to make sure it’s not that way.  I don’t even want to say any more about it.  When things are brought up that I never want to think or hear about again, it knocks me down.  I want to move on with life. I’m done dwelling in the past. 

There might be some force trying to make me feel better this morning.  Someone brought me breakfast and it was laying on my desk when I got to work.  I got an email from my friend that moved to the other office. Tanner called me on his way to school.   Alli called me.  Peyton did all his stuff without me having to ask.  I still just want to go home though. 

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