Thursday, August 20, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Destin 2010

Since Peyton started school today....yuck, why is summer vacation over? It's time for a throwback to the first Destin vacation we went on. While I know it's only five years ago, my children look so different. Why did they grow up so fast?

You might notice the color of the water that year.  All the times we have been there after that the water has been super clear.  But think of what happened that year.... I'm just happy that didn't ruin any of our vacation. 

Tanner enjoying the balcony.  Me, not so much.
All off in their own little worlds!
Time to play in the sand!
There might be a Peyton, chasing a seagull...
Tanner and Alli
Hey, that's me and my little P
Do something cute?!?
Looking for the little crabs at night
Waves!  There aren't many of them there!
This....this is how you do family pictures.
I might be hiding from everyone.

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