Thursday, August 20, 2015

Peyton Goes to School

Things that happened this morning:
  • Peyton was awake at 6:00
  • Completely dressed by 6:30 with his lunch packed and key in his backpack (he's super proud of that key)
  • He was out the door by 7:10
  • He ran through a spider web
  • I pulled off the door handle to the front door
  • I fixed the door handle temporarily, so I could get back into the house
  • Peyton was already gone and on the bus by the time I made it up there
  • I was 25 minutes early for work
  • It was only 59 degrees this morning.  Isn't it August?
Peyton laid out his clothes for school.  I'm okay with this.
Before he ran off to the bus stop.  He barely let me take a picture and he told me I could not drive him there.
Running throw a spider web. 

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