Sunday, July 16, 2017

Off to Camp....

Alli is off to camp for the week.  All that cupcake baking paid off.
The camp is about an hour and fifteen minute drive from our house.  It's not a bad drive and the way my GPS took us was the back way into camp.  The directions from the Girl Scout office were completely different.  We had been to the camp before, so we kinda knew where we were going.
This is us waiting patiently to turn into the camp.  There was a line all the way out to the street because they check each car in individually.
One of the few Girl Scout camps still open in our area.  Two of my favorite camps were sold off.
Alli asked me for one last selfie.  So here ya go.

Once we were finally in camp and parked, we had to wait in a few lines.  Paper work was already done, so it was handing them paper work.  Putting money in Alli's trading post account.  Then she got her temperature checked and her head checked for lice.  Fun Fun. 
At the health table, my daughter was recognized from being in the camp book for this year. 
While we were putting money in her trading post account, the girl who was working that table asked me if I played roller derby.  I, of course, answered yes.  She was like "What's your derby name?" and I told her.  She squealed with delight.  She was like "Your derby name is my favorite, I even took a picture of your jersey because it was so awesome"  She called over to one of her friends to tell her that she met me.  I was a little shocked that anyone even knew of me.  It was fun and embarrassing all at the same time. 
Alli and Abbi ready to go.
They are doing the Outpost program, which we kept hearing was the best by the camp staff.
I did Outpost when I went to camp around the same age.  Those stories are for another post though.  They are some of my favorite all time camp stories.
After waiting in line so we are all hot and sweaty.
This girl is excited.


  1. How fun! She looks genuinely excited. Sounds like it will be a fun and memorable week.
    And you derby celebrity you!

    1. She was super excited that she didn't have to spend the week in a permatent with six other people! It will be just her and Abbi in a tent. :)