Thursday, July 20, 2017

Top Ten Thursday: Rude!

What do you consider rude, arrogant or inappropriate?!  I thought this list would be easy for me to do, but I got stuck!  I kept going back to things that happen at my work.  I did think of some non-work things though.

1.  Being tardy and thinking it's funny.  I get it, being late happens.  You apologize for it and get on with whatever.  You don't laugh and make constant jokes about it.  It's an inconvenience you put on someone. 

2.  When people tell me that they have a "quick question".  I work in an office where I am right there with the public.  I like my job.  I am good at my job.  It is rude when someone just walks right up while I am either working with someone or they skip the line to say they have a "quick question" and then they get mad at me because they don't follow procedure.  I work in a government office, so you have to follow rules and procedures.  Don't get mad at me because rules are "hard".  Trust me, no one question is quick.
3.  I find it highly inappropriate when people wear pajamas to conduct their official government business.  Are you really that lazy that you cannot get dressed?  Honestly, everything in our office can be handled over the phone.  If you didn't want to get dressed, do you business over the phone.  Back in my old office, we did have people come to work in pajamas because we didn't have to work with the public.  Get dressed people!!  I get it if you are staying at home and not leaving, but if you are leaving, put some non-pajama clothing on.
4. We were recently at the airport and our gate was packed.  One guy decided to lay on an entire row of seats and read his book while elderly and small children had to stand.  That was sure nice of him.

5.  When people cancel on things that have been planned for weeks/months a few hours ahead of time.  Guys, if I have something planned for that long I want to do it! 

6.  The trash service that I pay for not doing their jobs.  I find it extremely rude that our trash company always forgets to pick up our little areas trash.  There are only three houses.  When they don't pick up the trash, we end up with it everywhere because of our trash pandas.  Then they won't pick it up because it's all over the place.  When you call, they promise to be there before six.  Does it happen.  No.   They usually get there around six two days later. 

7.  Not helping out after derby practice when specifically asked to before practice.  One of the leagues I play for has a beautiful practice and game day facility.  It is owned by the county that I live in.  They also use the facility for concerts (my first "real" concert was there), graduations and other community events.  When the community events come up, we are asked to clean up our things and put them away.  NBD.  I was at a scrimmage before one of those nights.  Everyone else was helping put tables away, fold up banners, etc.. and two people tried to walk out.  One of our BOD caught them ask them if they were staying around to help.  The girl replied "Well, I'm not a league member, so why should I?" after she had scrimmaged with us.  The BOD member replied, "You just used our scrimmage time and played during that time, the least you could do is help carry a table"  After looking pissed off, the girl did help. 

8.  Calling me a wallflower.  I'm not a freaking wall flower.  I don't blend into my background unless I want to. 

9.  Spammers.  Spammers are rude and annoying.  I get a lot of spam phone calls.  Thank goodness that spam email goes straight to the correct folder.

10.  Horrible drivers.  You are rude.  Stay in your lane.  Let people merge.  Stop being an a--hole.


  1. OMG I laughed so hard at the last one. Stop being an a-hole! I scream that all the time. if only they would listen.

    Great list, the more I read these lists, the more I wanted this to be a top thirty thursday

  2. I don't know what a BOD is, but thank them for making that stupid cow stay and help!
    Great list. oh "quick question", yeah, I *love* those, too. Are you kidding, I always thought people only go to Walmart in their PJ, but to a government office??? Really?

  3. I don't answer my phone if I don't recognize the caller. If they leave a message, it's usually someone selling services I'm not interested in, or wouldn't buy from them if I did.

    The guy in #4 is an asshole. I'd've asked the gate agent to ask him to sit up and let other people sit down, and if that didn't work I'd call the airport cops or the TSA.

    1. I thought my brother in law was going to take care of the guy for everyone. :)

  4. Oh, you got some good ones! (bad ones?). And I agree with the pajamas - how did that even become a thing?!

  5. Fabulous list. I see that airport one all the time and it drives me crazy - they are so inconsiderate!! I can't believe people go out in their pyjamas, what makes them think that is okay? And the quick question - never quick, and never easy.

    1. I think they just roll out of bed and come in. Most of the time they stink too!

  6. #3 - people do that? that's not professional. I mean, it's okay if you're grocery shopping but at an office?

    #4 - very rude indeed.

    #5 - so what excuses did they have? if it's an emergency I would understand.

    #10 - I don't drive but I don't like drivers who have no manners.

    have a lovely day.

    1. #5 has a myriad of excuses....I just don't ask anymore. :)