Saturday, July 22, 2017

pnw adventures: Hurricane ridge

Hurricane Ridge is located within the Olympic National Park.  It's only about 18 or so miles from Port Angeles (which movie/book featured Port Angeles?) but takes around 40 minutes to drive there.  It's all uphill and twisty on the way up and downhill and curvy on the way down.  You don't want to skip this drive or the view.
We ate lunch here and went to the visitors center.  I recommend the visitors center for recommendations on hikes and to see the beautiful mountains.
One of them was smiling.
The view of the receding glacier. 
Someone got some beautiful snaps.
I made this deer a little upset.  I disturbed its peace by accident.  I dropped my water bottle off the ledge.  It didn't like the fact that I made a noise and gave me a not so nice look.
We decided to hike the Cirque Rim trail.  It's a half a mile one way.  The children wanted me to take this picture because you can see Canada in it.  It's below all that foggy stuff.
Also, we had snowball fights.  Because who doesn't do that in July.
Shorts and snow.  It's legit.
My cousin thought there were bicycles stuck in trees.  It was actually part of an old ski lift. 
I would recommend Hurricane Ridge for all ages, stages and abilities.  There is something for everyone once you get up there.

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  1. Snowball fight in July?!?! *squee* That sounds like so much fun! And the view! :)